Bankruptcy Myths

Is a misconception about debt relief preventing you from pursuing a filing for personal bankruptcy?

In Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, the skilled debt relief attorneys of The Colpitts Law Firm explain how to file for bankruptcy and work hard to explore the bankruptcy myths that prevent many hardworking Americans from seeking federal protections designed especially for them.

As your lawyer, Greggory T. Colpitts debunks the myths that have sprung up around consumer bankruptcy since changes in the law since 2006.

Our skilled lawyer listens to your problems, offers comfort for your concerns and strives to take the embarrassment, stigma and intimidation out of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He guides you smoothly through the legal process in ways that give you hope for a brighter future.

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When Bankruptcy Is Your Only Option, The Colpitts Law Firm Is Here To Help

We explain the many ways that federal bankruptcy protections can help you get past myths such as:

  • You cannot file for bankruptcy if you have a job.
  • You will never be able to keep a state or federal tax refund.
  • You will be unable to discharge medical bills, credit card debt or back taxes during bankruptcy.
  • You and your spouse have to file for bankruptcy together.
  • Everyone — all of your friends and business associates — will know you have filed for bankruptcy.
  • You will lose everything you own during bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy means you are a personal failure.
  • A bankruptcy filing means your credit rating will never be the same again.

All of these bankruptcy myths are exactly that — myths. They are not true and Greggory T. Colpitts will tell you why during your free initial consultation. Our law firm's founder has practiced bankruptcy law for more than 22 years, including more than 1,000 successful bankruptcy filings for individuals and families.

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