Tulsa Bankruptcy And Divorce

Are you facing the challenge of accumulating debt and an impending divorce?

When divorce debt becomes all-consuming in Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa bankruptcy lawyer Greggory T. Colpitts and The Colpitts Law Firm can help.

The American Board of Certification (www.abcworld.org) certifies attorneys who have met their extensive and rigorous qualification requirements. Greggory T. Colpitts has satisfied those qualification requirements and is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification.

Finding a qualified bankruptcy attorney is your biggest challenge in filing bankruptcy and the American Board of Certification only certifies qualified bankruptcy attorneys. When you select a Board Certified bankruptcy attorney, you do not have to worry whether your attorney knows the bankruptcy laws.Many other "bankruptcy" attorneys practice in many other areas of the law and do not specialize in bankruptcy. You should not risk your financial future with a "jack of all trades".You deserve a qualified bankruptcy attorney.If you talk with any other "bankruptcy" attorney, ask if they are Board Certified in bankruptcy.When you talk to The Colpitts Law Firm, the answer will be YES and Bankruptcy is all we do.

With over 22 years of experience, The Colpitts Law Firm has the experience to explore your options and to give you the advice you need to satisfactorily resolve your debt problem and to give you back your life.

In an era of rising divorce rates amid a struggling economy, you may be facing the need to divorce your spouse and start a new personal life on the one hand, and the reality of consumer bankruptcy, for the "fresh start" you deserve.

Which should be attended to first — bankruptcy or divorce? Many couples want to go through divorce, but find that the legal process may cost too much money. If this situation describes you, you need the help of a bankruptcy attorney who can lay out the facts and available options that can lead to sound decisions.

Attorney Greggory T. Colpitts Has The Facts You Need About Bankruptcy During Divorce

Financial problems lead the way as a cause of divorce in the U.S. If you are divorcing and facing bankruptcy as well, here are facts you need to know:

  • You can divorce your spouse; unfortunately, you cannot separate from debt accumulated during your marriage.
  • If your former spouse does not repay his or her debt, a creditor can come after you.
  • One spouse's decision to file for personal bankruptcy often sends the other spouse into bankruptcy too.
  • Domestic support obligations are not dischargeable during bankruptcy

For many couples, bankruptcy should be entered into first — then the divorce. Does this strategy apply to you? Contact the Colpitts Law Firm for a free initial consultation. Call 866-647-1770 toll free or send an email. We are the Eastern Oklahoma law firm to come to when bad things happen to good people.