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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

March 2014 Archives

Publishing company files for bankruptcy

It is no secret that the state of the economy is always changing. With it, business fortunes in Oklahoma and around the country also fluctuate. Often when a business runs into trouble, filing for bankruptcy becomes the only feasible option.

Employees shut out of company's Chapter 7 filing

Barring an unfortunate event, like a natural disaster or fire, many of us in Oklahoma and around the country can be assured that when we punch out for the day, we still have a job to return to on the following day. That wasn't the case recently for some employees of a camera supply and photo services provider.

University of Tulsa addresses student loan debt with ALES

Higher education remains an important part of future plans for a lot of eager students. It is the final step before they can really step out into the world, start a career and build a family. That dream hasn’t gone away, but certain conditions have made the transitional period between school and career much more difficult.

Experts advise using tax refund to better financial health

In 2013, the average refund paid to taxpayers across the country was $2,800. For a lot of American families, that is a very healthy sum of money. It is just enough of a bump that taxpayers could buy that 70-inch television they’ve had their eyes on, go on a shopping spree or take a vacation.

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