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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

April 2014 Archives

Power company may be forced to file for bankruptcy

Today, most people have busy schedules that involve trying to balance work and home. It is often a struggle amidst the chaos to ensure organization in all areas of your life, most significantly, finances. Although troubling to consider the thought, sometimes mishandled bank accounts and spending can lead to piling debt and creditor harassment. Eventually your dwindling options may lead to being forced to file for bankruptcy.

A financial plan fit for a pro athlete: the 4 part approach

Many Oklahoma residents have faced financial struggles whether the hardships stemmed from credit card debt, unemployment, student debt or medical bills. Even players in the NBA and NFL, earning six figures or more, struggle with managing finances.

Owners of hotel file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Making the decision to close an Oklahoma business' doors or to file bankruptcy is a very difficult one. It usually comes after having invested substantial time and money into a company that, for some time, has suffered financial hardship due to several circumstances such as the economy, steep competition, and/or lost business.

Bankruptcy may be better choice in the long run than payday loans

If you watch television any time of day in Oklahoma or anywhere else in the country, you have probably seen the ads. “Get money now.” “No collateral necessary.” “Pay medical expenses, buy gifts for the holidays, or take a vacation.”

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