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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

June 2014 Archives

Inherited IRAs are not exempt assets in personal bankruptcy

Many Oklahoma residents, who find themselves with unmanageable debt that they can’t seem to get out from under, can take advantage of a useful tool provided by federal statute in order to get a fresh start. That tool is personal bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help people recover from the financial setbacks caused by unpredictable life situations, such as job loss and illness.

Oklahoma City business forced into bankruptcy to repay debts

Companies struggling with financial challenges often face the difficult decision of how to alleviate them. In many situations, filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution. But it is important to address these issues as early as possible before adverse actions begin that could lead to even more issues. 

President backing debt relief for student loan borrowers

There is currently over $1 trillion in outstanding federal student loans. The average tuition to gain a bachelor’s degree has tripled over the past 30 years, and the current average graduate now leaves school with almost $30,000 in debt.

Is it possible to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy?

One of the stigmas associated with bankruptcy is that it is a credit killer. People think that if they erase or reduce their debts in bankruptcy, they will never be able to qualify for a line of credit -- let alone a mortgage -- again. Fortunately, this is only a myth. It is possible to rebuild your credit after obtaining a fresh financial start through bankruptcy in Oklahoma.

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