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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

July 2014 Archives

Considerations if your creditor sues to collect a debt

If you have fallen behind on your payments or defaulted on a credit account, the risk of being sued cannot be ignored. Although filing a lawsuit is usually a last resort for creditors, who would much rather work with you on repayment of the debt than to go to court, if you do not take action to settle with your creditor then it may eventually resort to legal action. This post provides a brief overview of what that action may look like.

Oklahoma retirement home to remain open during bankruptcy

The reasons for an individual or a business to contemplate measures for debt relief are many, and vary due to individual circumstances. Some find that filing a petition for bankruptcy is the best way to address financial issues. One reason that can affect both individuals and businesses is a catastrophic event that makes bankruptcy not so much an option as an apparent necessity.

Financial challenges likened to obesity as American epidemics

Two widely-publicized unhealthy conditions of Americans – financial debt and obesity – may have more in common that most people would realize. Although both may be influenced by outside factors, such as unemployment and a struggling economy for debt, and health conditions such as diabetes for obesity, both can also stem from a pattern of excess. 

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