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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

You do not have to live in fear of your financial challenges

It can happen to anybody. You arrive at work only to discover that you are being laid off. Or you are crossing the street when an inattentive driver strikes you in the crosswalk, requiring you to spend considerable time in the hospital, and then in physical rehabilitation, and before long the medical bills outstrip your ability to pay.

The next thing you know you are juggling your bills every month. And then it hits you: you are falling further and further behind with every billing cycle. 

And the longer the situation continues, the more you find that even simple activities take on an unpleasant or even ominous tone:

  • Checking the mail becomes something to dread. How many past-due notices will be waiting for you today? How many threats to cut off service?
  • When the telephone rings, you wonder whether you should answer or not. Will it be another collection agency on the other end of the line?

Living under the pressure of excessive debt means living in fear. And constantly living in fear affects every aspect of your life, including your ability to concentrate on your work, to enjoy your present or to plan for your future. Even your family relationships can suffer.

But where can you turn for help in getting out from underneath an out-of-control debt burden?

One possible solution may be to seek a fresh start. Federal law can allow you to eliminate many consumer debts and even hospital bills through the process of bankruptcy. You may have heard of personal bankruptcy as an option, but still have many questions about how it works, what its advantages and possible disadvantages are, and whether there may be other courses of action available short of bankruptcy.

As a law firm that practices bankruptcy law, we understand the difficulties that our clients face and the questions that they have. We serve as advocates for people who find themselves in financial difficulty, standing between them and the collection agencies and the foreclosure notices.

To learn how we may be able to help you, we recommend visiting our debt relief webpage. It provides an introduction to our services, links to additional helpful information and a way to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

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