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April 2015 Archives

How does the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act affect bankruptcy?

Military service in many instances is the quintessential example of an inherently hazardous occupation. Servicemembers work with an assortment of equipment and materials that are either purpose-designed to be dangerous or lethal, such as weapons and explosives, or work in environmental conditions that pose their own dangers even in peacetime such as working with heavy equipment in in any weather conditions, day or night. Experience has shown that concentration is key to safety and effectiveness of military personnel in the performance of their duties.

Government tries to stop creditor harassment from its collectors

Efforts by the federal government to stop creditor harassment that violated consumer protection laws ended in a government victory when a judge dismissed a lawsuit by debt collectors seeking to be allowed to continue working on behalf of the government that fired them. The companies had been working for the U.S. Education Department under contracts to collect student loans on which borrowers had defaulted.

How to stop making money for the credit card company

Using a credit card to make a purchase is something that most Tulsa, Oklahoma, residents do each day. The convenience of buying on credit and paying it off before being hit with high interest charges seems harmless enough, but it is equally as easy to fall into the trap of making only minimum payments and carrying a balance into the next month.

How HAMP works with bankruptcy law

One of the ways that people can get into financial trouble is when they find that their mortgage is more than they can cope with. If a homeowner with mortgage problems reaches the point where the situation becomes untenable but still wants to keep the home, then programs like the Home Affordable Modification Program are available to help.

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