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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

October 2015 Archives

Is there a statute of limitations on debt collection?

If you have ever been the subject of a debt collection effort by a collection agency, you may wonder how long they may persist in their efforts – in other words, just as there are statutes of limitations on many kinds of legal actions, is there one on debt collection as well? The answer is, "Yes and no."

Escaping credit card debt

It is rather easy to rack up thousands of dollars’ worth of credit card debt. This is a reality that many residents of Oklahoma face every day. Preventing debt seems simple: limit your spending or avoid getting a credit card all together. For those who face circumstances like unexpected medical bills, funding college or purchasing necessities that you both want and need to enjoy your lifestyle, the idea of preventing easily turns into a search to escape credit card debt.

Adversary proceeding in bankruptcy can prevent discharge of debt

Unemployment is a leading cause of bankruptcy.  Even when unemployment benefits are available, they usually do not fully compensate for the income that was lost when the person was employed. But what happens when insult is added to injury and the Michigan agency that paid you the unemployment benefits tries to claim that the money they paid you was due to fraudulent behavior on your part?

How to stop wage garnishment

When you have amassed large quantities of unpaid debt, your creditor may decide to garnish your wages in order to recover some of it. This is the process by which, by court order, your employer withholds a portion of your paycheck and automatically sends it to the creditor. There are ways to stop wage garnishment in Oklahoma, but some are more complex than others.

Your rights in debt collection

Harassment by creditors is a real problem across the nation. Many credit card companies ignore the laws and the rights of their clients and begin harassing people the moment a payment is a day late. If you know your rights, however, you can not only end creditor harassment but get back on the road to recovery.

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