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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

Bad collection practices occur despite consumer protection laws

You have probably heard of them before: abusive debt collectors who use unsavory and illegal tactics to try to intimidate and coerce people into paying sums of money they claim that they owe. Myriads of telephone calls, sometimes at odd hours; threatening, abusive and profanity-laden language during such calls; pretending to be representatives of government agencies; contacting people at their place of employment, or contacting co-workers and employers; and continuing to call even when properly directed to desist.

The Federal Trade Commission, the federal government agency tasked with protecting individuals against abusive debt collection practices under the auspices of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, states that its number one source of complaints remains accusations against debt collectors. Yet the existence of consumer protection laws does not always deter such objectionable conduct on the part of debt collectors, many of which operate in states other than the one in which their targets live. In response, the FTC has undertaken aggressive action against some of the worst violators, including 30 lawsuits that seek sanctions ranging from injunctive remedies to forcing them out of business.

An Oklahoma debt collection company has been the subject of one of these lawsuits, based on its alleged violation of another state's collection agency regulatory act.

If you believe that you are being victimized by an abusive debt collection agency, you do not have to put up with it. Federal and Oklahoma laws and consumer protection agencies exist to act on your complaints, and it is also possible to take action on your own under the law to stop the abuse and even to punish those who indulge in it. In addition, if you are contemplating bankruptcy or are already in the bankruptcy petition process, federal bankruptcy law also has protections against ongoing collection efforts against you.

If you need additional information about your rights versus abusive collection agencies, or if you need assistance in dealing with them, one source of help can be a law firm that includes creditor harassment protection as part of its practice.

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