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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

February 2016 Archives

Owner of closed trucking company seeks Chapter 7 protection

Business owners in Oklahoma are dedicated to ensuring the success of their businesses. As a result, they risk their financial security in an attempt to protect their investments, often only to find that many situations beyond their control will have a negative impact. One man has recently sought Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, reportedly due to financial issues caused by the company he once owned.

Dropping oil prices cause Paragon Offshore to seek bankruptcy

Millions of Americans in Oklahoma and across the country are likely rejoicing over the low price of gas. The prices are potentially a financial lifesaver for many families. Unfortunately, some companies are actually suffering as a result.  For example, an offshore oil driller has recently sought bankruptcy protection.

Music festival promoter files for bankruptcy

There are many people in Oklahoma and across the country who have business-related dreams and pour their lives into achieving these goals. Despite their efforts, they are often unable to overcome obstacles that they ultimately have no control over, such as the economy. One company located out-of-state, SFX Entertainment Inc. (SFX), has recently sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after several factors reportedly prevented it from making a profit.

Failed business venture leads to bankruptcy filing

As most entrepreneurs in Oklahoma are aware, starting a new business venture comes with a certain degree of risk. For many, this risk pays off in the long run. Unfortunately, some are unsuccessful for a variety of different reasons -- often due to circumstances beyond their control. One out-of-state businessman has recently filed for bankruptcy, purportedly as a result of a failed investment.

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