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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

Oklahoma Board certified attorney can help stop foreclosure

Financial problems can create a great deal of stress in a person's life. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you may eventually face the threat of losing your home due to foreclosure, in addition to the stress you are already experiencing over how you will pay your bills every month. If your lender is threatening such an action, there are options available to help those in Oklahoma to stop foreclosure.

The Colpitts Law Firm can help you explore these options. Our attorney is one of the few in Oklahoma who has received a board certification from the American Board of Certification in Consumer Bankruptcy. He is dedicated to ensuring that your rights are protected.

Many people facing foreclosure may not realize that there is help available that could ultimately allow them to keep their home. For example, an experienced attorney can help file for bankruptcy protection under federal law, which automatically initiates a stay on foreclosure proceedings. We can help those struggling with debt undertake such an action and/or help to renegotiate the terms of a loan, potentially making monthly payments more manageable.

People experience financial difficulties for a variety of different reasons -- often through no fault of their own. Medical bills or an unexpected job loss can leave people floundering in debt, wondering how they will ever resolve their debt issues. With our attorney's training and experience, he can help those in Oklahoma in such a situation understand how to manage debt and stop foreclosure, enabling those people to stay in their home. An initial consultation could be the first step to getting your life back.

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