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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

December 2016 Archives

Clothing retailer expected to seek bankruptcy

Trends in Oklahoma and across the country allow a certain type of business to be successful. For example, a variety of different types of clothing stores saw success several years ago. However, trends are now working against many of those retailers, prompting some of them to seek bankruptcy protection. Another such business is expected to file for such protections within the next few weeks.

Reports show that credit card debt is rising

A credit card can be a useful tool. One can allow people in Oklahoma and across the country to make an emergency purchase or build their credit with use and regular payments. In some cases, however, credit card holders can have more debt than they can manage. If they lose their jobs or experience unexpected medical expenses, they may find themselves in a situation where they are unable to manage their credit card debt.

Oklahoma hospital prepares for bankruptcy

Businesses in Oklahoma are often left to make difficult decisions. Often, these decisions can have a major impact on the future success of a company as well as the present day situation of the company's employees. For example, one hospital is now left to determine whether bankruptcy is its best option.

Politician seeks Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection

People in Oklahoma often live under the impression that most politicians have few financial worries. However, any person -- regardless of their desired occupation -- can struggle with overwhelming debt. In fact, one man in another state who recently lost a congressional election has filed another request seeking Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection after his first case was dismissed.

Not-for-profit circus seeks bankruptcy protection

It seems that as time passes so does interest in certain activities. While visiting a circus was a favorite pastime for many in past years, it seems that interest in circuses have declined over the years in Oklahoma and across the country. This lack of interest has prompted one not-for-profit circus, called Big Apple Circus, to seek bankruptcy protection.

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