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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

May 2017 Archives

Reports indicate rise in credit card debt

Credit cards can be incredibly useful. They can help a person establish a healthy credit rating and provide funds in the event of an emergency. For people in Oklahoma who are struggling to pay their bills or feed their family, a credit card can serve as a temporary means to fill a gap. However, someone who has lost their job or experienced a significant injury or illness may rely heavily on them. Because of interest rates, credit card debt can quickly become unmanageable.

Gander Mountain to close following Chapter 11 bankruptcy

As more and more consumers in Oklahoma and across the country become internet and computer savvy, they are seeking alternative ways to make purchases -- ways that often allow them to shop from the comfort of their own home. While this trend has helped internet-based companies, many brick and mortar retailers find themselves struggling as a result. Often, they are left wondering how to manage their struggling business with some turning to Chapter 11 bankruptcy for help.

Gymboree reportedly set to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Many retailers in Oklahoma and other areas of the country have recently faced financial struggles. For a lot of these companies, the only option to adequately manage their debt may be to seek to reorganize it through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Some reports indicate that another retailer is set to seek such protection following losses.

Brewery cites location as Chapter 7 bankruptcy factor

There are many factors that go into the overall success of a company. Even those with good ideas, quality products and creative minds intent on success struggle due to factors that are sometimes beyond their control. For example, some businesses in Oklahoma may struggle as a result of increased competition. A brewery in another state cites competition as one of the reasons behind its recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

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