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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

September 2017 Archives

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy

It is easy to become overwhelmed with debt. If a person loses a job, he or she may be forced to live on credit cards while searching for another position. Even when those who have a job may be so far behind on card payment that they will never be able to catch up. In some cases, a person in Oklahoma may experience a serious illness or injury, and between lost wages and medical expenses, may be swimming in debt. Many in similar circumstances often wonder whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best option for them.

Toys R Us seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy

For many businesses in Oklahoma and across the country, there often comes a time when important decisions must be made in order to ensure long-term success. For example, a company struggling with debt may have to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in order to better manage its debt. Toys R Us has recently taken such action to help it in terms of future success and financial security.

Seeking debt relief in Oklahoma through Chapter 13 bankruptcy

People in Oklahoma who have an overwhelming amount of debt often feel an extreme amount of stress. Often, their debt is the result of issues beyond their control, such as the loss of a job or a serious medical condition. In addition to having the debt, many people start to receive harassing calls from debt collectors, prompting them to seek relief. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best one option to manage debt and stop harassment.

Bankruptcy often more beneficial than debt settlement

Many people in Oklahoma have debt that is overwhelming. Often, this debt is a result of medical expenses or a lost job. Once the debt accumulates to a certain point, many began to consider their debt relief options. While using a debt settlement company may seem like a good option, bankruptcy is often the better choice.

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