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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

December 2017 Archives

Medical expenses can force retirees to seek bankruptcy protection

Many people in Oklahoma are financially responsible. They ensure that they do not live beyond their means and that they are able to meet their financial responsibilities. Unfortunately, even people who have worked hard all their lives to pay their bills can experience difficulties with debt due to unexpected medical expenses.

Rebuilding a credit score following bankruptcy

There are many people in Oklahoma who are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities but are struggling with debt. While they are willing to work hard to pay their bills, for example, there are often circumstances beyond their control that can lead to overwhelming debt. In many cases, bankruptcy may be the best option to gain more solid financial standing.

Spiech Farms LLC seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy

There are a variety of different financial hardships that any business in Oklahoma and across the country can face. However, some hardships specifically target certain businesses. For example, difficult or unexpected weather could hit a farm or other agrarian-based business especially hard. Regardless of the hardship, some businesses choose Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help them manage the debt incurred.

Bike company seeks bankruptcy protection

Businesses in Oklahoma and other areas of the country typically set certain goals that they would like to meet. In order to meet many of these goals, these businesses need to invest in research and development. Unfortunately, debt can prevent them from making this investment. A company in another state is hopeful that its decision to file for bankruptcy will allow it to focus on the future.

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