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Using bankruptcy to prevent foreclosure in Oklahoma

The average person in Oklahoma has likely experienced some degree of financial difficulty. Unfortunately, a lost job or unexpected illness or injury can leave families scrambling to meet their financial obligations. Adding even more stress is the potential prospect of foreclosure if those struggling with debt are unable to pay their mortgage. However, there are options that could prevent foreclosure.

Another retailer seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In recent years, a number of retailers in Oklahoma and across the country have struggled with debt. Many of these struggles are caused by forces that are beyond the control of decision-makers, including weather conditions. In fact, another company, A'Gaci, has recently sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to overwhelming debt.

Hobbico files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Those who run businesses must plan for unexpected circumstances. However, often when a company is hit with several challenges or a challenge is more severe than could have been anticipated, it could be left wondering how to deal with the fallout. For many businesses in Oklahoma, the best option is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Why companies in the black seek Chapter 11 protection

When it comes to ensuring the continued success of a company in Oklahoma, decision makers are often left to make difficult choices. Even companies that seem to be profitable must look to the future. In some cases, this includes filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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