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Oklahoma Catholic university seeks Chapter 7 bankruptcy

All employers require funds in order to operate. Employees must be paid in addition to the costs associated with operating a building, including utilities and purchasing necessary supplies. If there are not enough funds, employers must make difficult decisions regarding the future of the business or organization. Unfortunately, a university in Oklahoma has made the decision to close its doors and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

The ins and outs of Chapter 13 bankruptcy

When finances get thrown off track, it's good to know such problems are usually temporary. In fact, there are typically several resources available to help people restore financial stability, including but not limited to various types of bankruptcy. If an Oklahoma resident facing financial crises has steady income coming in and hopes to retain ownership of his or her assets while paying back debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a viable means for doing so.

Company based in Oklahoma seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Decision makers at companies in Oklahoma often work hard to make decisions that are in the companies' best interests and will help lead to continued success in the future. Often, these decisions are difficult to make. For example, a company based in Oklahoma has recently made the decision to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Paths to debt relief in Oklahoma

There are people in Oklahoma who are currently struggling with debt. Despite past misconceptions about how debt is acquired, there are some who are in their situation due to circumstances beyond their control, such as medical bills due to an unexpected illness or a lost job. Regardless of the cause, many need debt relief.

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