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Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

Posts tagged "financial challenges"

Many Oklahoma residents will soon see an increase in credit score

Most Oklahoma residents have never heard of Fair Isaac Corp., and that is something that needs to change; since it is an organization that can have a huge impact on the life of anyone who needs to borrow money.

Oklahoma City business forced into bankruptcy to repay debts

Companies struggling with financial challenges often face the difficult decision of how to alleviate them. In many situations, filing for bankruptcy may be the best solution. But it is important to address these issues as early as possible before adverse actions begin that could lead to even more issues. 

President backing debt relief for student loan borrowers

There is currently over $1 trillion in outstanding federal student loans. The average tuition to gain a bachelor’s degree has tripled over the past 30 years, and the current average graduate now leaves school with almost $30,000 in debt.

Report: Medical debt can damage credit scores unfairly

When you or someone you know becomes seriously ill, you want to be able to receive medical care from your physician or at your local hospital in Oklahoma without having to worry about things such as medical debt, financial challenges, and credit scores. However, a recent study conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau suggests that accruing unpaid medical debt could be unfairly detrimental to a patient’s credit score.

Is bankruptcy a viable second chance for struggling city?

One American city’s continuing quest for debt relief has captured the nation’s attention over the recent past. The once booming industrial city is going through the largest public bankruptcy in American history.

Power company may be forced to file for bankruptcy

Today, most people have busy schedules that involve trying to balance work and home. It is often a struggle amidst the chaos to ensure organization in all areas of your life, most significantly, finances. Although troubling to consider the thought, sometimes mishandled bank accounts and spending can lead to piling debt and creditor harassment. Eventually your dwindling options may lead to being forced to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may be better choice in the long run than payday loans

If you watch television any time of day in Oklahoma or anywhere else in the country, you have probably seen the ads. “Get money now.” “No collateral necessary.” “Pay medical expenses, buy gifts for the holidays, or take a vacation.”

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