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Eastern Oklahoma families struggling with lost jobs in an uncertain economy — facing the threat of home foreclosure, harassment by creditors and garnished wages — have one thing in common. They need help. And they need it now.

For true debt relief — from a foreclosure, credit card debt, medical debt, debt caused by an expensive divorce or the harmful effects of predatory lending or business debt — you can place your trust in a skilled, compassionate attorney who is always there to help when bad things happen to good people.

Greggory T. Colpitts of The Colpitts Law Firm in Tulsa is exactly that kind of lawyer. He is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification — one of very few to receive this recognition in our state. Finding a qualified bankruptcy attorney is your biggest challenge in filing bankruptcy and the American Board of Certification only certifies qualified bankruptcy attorneys. When you select a Board Certified bankruptcy attorney, you do not have to worry whether your attorney knows the bankruptcy laws.Many other "bankruptcy" attorneys practice in many other areas of the law and do not specialize in bankruptcy. You should not risk your financial future with a "jack of all trades".You deserve a qualified bankruptcy attorney.If you talk with any other "bankruptcy" attorney, ask if they are Board Certified in bankruptcy.When you talk to The Colpitts Law Firm, the answer will YES and Bankruptcy is all we do.

With more than 22 years of experience, The Colpitts Law Firm informs you of your options, offers advice that can resolve your debt problem and contributes to your brighter future.

Your initial consultation is free of charge. You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by contacting us.

Experienced Debt Relief Attorney Serving Eastern Oklahoma Clients

Greggory T. Colpitts explodes the myths that have sprung up around bankruptcy filings and outlines practical, lasting debt relief strategies that get results in practice areas such as:

Do you have questions about consumer bankruptcy, the materials you need to begin the legal process and what your life after bankruptcy will look like?

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.