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When Bad Things Happen to Good People ...

Bankruptcy May Be Your Option

February 2015 Archives

Sometimes people need a financial diet coach

Debt and body weight can share some things in common, the most easily identifiable characteristic being that it is seemingly much easier and more pleasurable to pack it on than to take it off. We are all familiar with tales of dieters who struggle to lose a few pounds, only to gain it all back again. Trying to get out of consumer debt, especially credit card debt, can be much the same way.

Tulsa children learning how to deal with financial challenges

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are the traditional foundations of a child's education. At least one Tulsa family and an Oklahoma credit union believe that teaching youngsters how to handle money might be a valuable lesson that will teach them the tools for dealing with life's financial challenges as adults.

Are payday loans legal in Oklahoma?

Meeting financial challenges can be difficult for a Tulsa resident living from paycheck to paycheck. Some people have resorted to taking out payday loans to meet the demands on their income caused by medical debt, emergency repairs on a car or home, or other unexpected events.

Which debts can be discharged in Chapter 7 – and which cannot?

If you are considering whether filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you, you are probably aware of the importance of the decision. Filing for bankruptcy can have good and bad consequences, but the balance between good and bad depends in large part on your specific circumstances and reasons for considering bankruptcy. Even the specific types of debt that you owe can be a significant factor in your decision.

Title loans causing more financial challenges than debt relief

You can't turn on your television without seeing the ads: "Quick money for your car title, but you keep your car." The quick money is offered for everything from emergency medical bills to holiday shopping. And it is so easy.  As long as you own your car, show us your title, and we'll cut you a check.

Do bills for medical care pay for recovery or lead to bankruptcy?

Hardly anyone can say that he or she has not owed debt for health care at some point. Even those with good insurance coverage are likely to owe deductibles. And most of those people cannot deny some confusion about who is billing them for what particular medical service they had, especially when the treatment involved a hospital stay.

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